With state of the art machining equipment, combined with 11+ years of experience, we strive for the highest of quality while sustaining quick lead times and top notch customer service.


Whether you need a a part re-assembled, or a design from scratch, our world class CAD-CAM software allows us to complete the job.

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About Us!

11 years of experience in machining

company history

Darton Manufacturing opened the doors in April of 2018. We strive for the highest quality in machining with quick lead times and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are currently located in town of Durand, Wisconsin with a 1600 sq.ft. facility and have plans to move to a better location.

the best industry and company service

Provides High Performance Services For Multiple Industries And Technologies!

We are also able to do a complete rebuild on a project that needs to be dis assembled and make the new parts to get into working order again and re-assemble with the ability to make drawing and make solid models with CAD/CAM.

2D milling

Our machines are capable of 2D and 3D milling. You can send us a DXF file, or other 2D file, and we will machine this with precision. We're also able to design the part for you with our world class CAD/CAM software.

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3D Milling

When it comes to machining 3D parts, it becomes a lot more in-depth. You can either send us the model, or we can create the model, before machining these parts with the highest of precision.

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Surface Grinding

Darton Mfg offers surface grinding which is a finishing process that uses a rotating wheel to smooth the flat service to give a close tolerance as well as a more refined finish.

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